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Special Deal: 50% off RapidWeaver + Giveaway!

A few months ago, we reviewed a piece of software called RapidWeaver by Realmac Software. We liked it.  For those of you who are not familiar with RapidWeaver, it’s a web design suite.  It allows users to create a unique and crisp website without the need of taking a web-design classes to use it.  RapidWeaver typically sells for $79.99, however, we have a great deal for you.

AppSumo is offering 50% off the price of RapidWeaver (this weekend only)!  That’s essentially a $40 savings.  So how do you access the deal?  Simply enter your email on the AppSumo site and you will be able to gain access to this deal along with any other deals they have now or in the future.  At risk of sounding like a bad infomercial, but wait there’s more!

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Google vs Groupon: Who Will Succeed?

Recently, Google was looking to acquire Groupon, however, that deal fell through when Groupon rejected the $6 billion offer.  Now, Google is rumored to be launching its own location-based coupon service called Google Offers.  The service which is expected to launch in the near future will be directly competing with the ever-popular (and fast growing) Groupon.

So who will emerge as the dominant player in this space?  It’s going to come down to two things.  The first being the deals.  The second being the ability to scale and add more locations on a regular basis.

Groupon already has a pretty big head start, but that doesn’t matter when you are competing with Google.  They have the resources and the ability to scale at a much faster rate.  Right now, Groupon has thousands of employees going to various businesses arranging its daily deals.  Whether a deal will be a success or not is hard to tell.  Of course, if a deal goes well, they can try to run it again and hope for similar success.  However, right now, the feedback channel on a per deal basis is lacking.  Groupon also requires users to input their information (location and email) so they can get access to their local deals.

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Where to Find Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is coming up, in fact, it’s only two days away.  Do you know where to find all the best Black Friday deals?  Two of my favorite sites which list Black Friday deals from essentially every store you can possibly think of are BlackFriday.info and BFAds.net.  Each site breaks down the deals by store and category which makes it easy for you to find the deals you are looking for.

Additionally, the sites will break down how the deal will work.  For example, BlackFriday.info will label deals as door busters, buy it now items, or the ability to see how much those products are selling on eBay for compared to the Black Friday price.  BlackFriday.info will also allow you to create shopping lists with all of your favorite deals.

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