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I’m Confident Apple Will Continue to Grow, Even Now That Jobs Left the Throne

Having had been away from my computer for a good chunk of the afternoon yesterday I was pretty surprised to see a pile of unread messages in my Twitter feed that far surpassed the “regular” number of messages I’d see after such an amount of time.  “Wow,” I thought to myself, “did the east-coast have another earthquake?  Perhaps another musician overdosed, or maybe Justin Bieber released another single.”  But when I actually started reading from my newsfeed I was quickly taken back by the news of Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc., resigning from his position of chief executive officer.

While I can’t exactly say that I was surprised by the revelation, especially when taking Mr. Jobs’ health concerns into consideration, but the fact that this news came completely out of the blue without any warning really did make me do a double-take.  Even though Steve Jobs isn’t leaving the company entirely but rather pursuing the company’s board to become the board chairman, the fact of the matter still remains that this move and announcement is going to be one that goes down forever in Apple history.  Naturally, my first instinct was to question why Steve Jobs was stepping down.  Had his health taken a turn for the worst?  But without any answers to that question, the first instinctive question that popped into my mind was how Apple would fare without Steve at the throne.

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