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The Internet has streamlined so much of what we do in our everyday lives; from shopping, to communicating with friends, to consuming entertainment, and more. But we’ve been at it with the good ole World Wide Web for so long that, in some respects, we’ve completely entered a new phase we might not have noticed: one where there are shortcuts for the shortcuts.

What do I mean, exactly? Some of us are still using the Web the exact same way we did back in the 90s and early 2000s, completely oblivious to the fact that new tools have come out to make our lives even easier and save us even more time. And once you learn about these two hacks, you’ll wonder how you’ve been getting along without them.

Password Managers

Are you managing an Excel spreadsheet with all your important online passwords? Or worse yet, a physical paper notepad? Or are you committing the ultimate sin: using the same password for everything? The truth is, we’re hearing about online hacks a lot more than we used to, and a strong, secure password can do wonders to keep your private information safe. You should be using something unique for every single site, and while that seems like a headache to manage, there’s software that can do it for you.


A password manager essentially acts as the safe deposit box for all of your passwords. You need to know one password — to open the box. That’s it. Once you’re authenticated, your password manager inputs your unique, secure password into the website you’re visiting automatically, so you can both keep your info safe and stop trying to remember every single password for every single website. Check out BestOnlineReviews for their breakdowns on all the available password managers you should consider using.

“Read It Later” Services

If you have a big messy bookmark list full of pages you want to save for later reading, you’re doing it wrong. Services like Pocket and Instapaper let you save webpages in a more readable format and organize them into sections so you can easily find what you’re looking for later. Want to save some recipes for cooking dinner? You can create a section for that. Want to save business-blog posts that you can reference later? Create a section. These services work especially well if you’re using a tablet — a device that isn’t all that great for perusing and managing browser bookmarks.

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