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If you asked a random person on the street if they had the opportunity to work for themself and still make a comfortable living, I’d bet that pretty much all of them would sign up for that in a second. It’s an intriguing thing to dangle in front of someone. Most people want more freedom and to be able to work on something they truly enjoy. That’s what a new online video training course called StartUp Home Business by Said Shiripour is all about.

Said has some impressive credentials, he’s received the 8-figure Club Award from Clickfunnels and has received the Two Comma Club Award seven (7) times. His success has been driven largely through his coaching courses where he teaches entrepreneurs of all skill levels how to gain more customers and make more money. Additionally, Said has built a successful software business as well, including Memberwunder, a membership plugin for WordPress-based sites, and EZPlayer, an optimized video player for sales pages.

Together with his team he’ll offer step-by-step instruction on how to build up your own online business in any niche from home. Besides theory and practical implementation, you’ll find ready-to-use templates of Said’s most successful customer, Faheem Kenanoglu. With this method, Faheem generated over $170,000 in sales within 30 days.

Now before we go any further, I’ve written in the past about other programs and examined their validity. It’s important to remember that these programs are designed as a launchpad, a foundation of sorts–to help you get started and to give you the basic skills and knowledge you need to be successful. However, you still need to work hard to make all of these things happen. Don’t forget that.

What’s included in the training program?

The program itself consists of 11 modules – 8 basic and 3 bonus modules.

The estimated implementation time of the individual modules are given at orientation: With a time investment of two to three hours per day, the implementation of the StartUp Home Business program takes 31 days in total for beginners – and 16 to 18 days for advanced users.

The individual modules are structured as follows:

Module 1: Welcome

Along with the already mentioned introduction, an interview with Said’s customer Faheem gives more insight into his story: How he found his niche and what his first steps looked like in the early days. Learn about his journey from the inexperienced car washer to the independent online trainer.

Module 2: Mindset and time management

This module covers the foundation of a successful entrepreneur. Learn how to divide your plan in upper and lower goals, as well as various methods in the field of “Personality Development.” This is something that seems common amongst these types of programs–learning how to develop a “personality” that will lead to success. Additionally you can learn how clever time management can help you achieve more efficiency during the day. Like I always say: work smarter, not harder.

Module 3: Niche finder training

Similar to what we’ve heard before, not every niche is fitting each person. However, unlike other programs, Said realizes that there are also niches that are not really profitable. So it’s important to understand what idea to pursue in order to build a financially successful and also fulfilling business. In this module you will learn how to evaluate niches based on competitive analysis and how to find your suitable topic.

Module 4: Product creation and membership area

This more technical module covers the implementation of your own online course. Learn how to handle the necessary software and to build your own membership area with the tool MemberWunder. Once set up you can start spreading your offer.

Module 5: Landing page training

A website is the bridge to the online world. Essential knowledge of the structure and content of your landing page (the page where your prospects land on) will be explained to you based on a pre-made template. Important components are the sales copy and the understanding of the entire sales process.

Module 6: Webinar sales coaching + webinar technical training

Webinars are online seminars that are held to present content through the internet to a larger audience. This module is the heart of your business – it shows you how to fully automate the webinar process, generating sales at any time of the day. The 12-step formula that Said has developed and refined over the last 5 years forms the core of this lesson.

Webinars are definitely a great way to generate revenue online. Just remember, you will need to utilize Facebook marketing (which the program also teaches) in this step unless you already have a big online following. The purpose of the Facebook marketing campaigns are to attract potential webinar viewers (and that’s where an effective landing page is super important).

Module 7: Email marketing training

Your contacts are the insurance of your business – only if you know the correct way to approach your leads (people who have registered for your newsletter), can you ensure satisfaction and grow continuously. In addition, this module covers the original high-price sales process from Said’s business.

Email marketing is super critical to success. There’s a fine art to it, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers inbox, but you don’t want to email too infrequently either. Learning how to identify the right email is hard to do, but can be done with enough experience and perhaps a good enough teacher. Another thing you will want to consider when it comes to email marketing is segmentation, which is the act of sorting your email list into different types of customers so you can target them more effectively.

Module 8: Facebook marketing training

The catalyst for your online business is traffic (streams of visitors). With Facebook, it’s possible to target the exact audience of people who are likely to purchase your offer. This is done through paid ads that lead prospects to your landing page. A detailed A to Z manual including strategic expertise awaits you in this module.

As I’ve mentioned, these types of programs rely on spending money to make money. Unless you already have an existing base of customers or an online following, you should 100% expect to pay for Facebook marketing to drive leads. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach just remember, you will need to be able to invest some money into starting the business (aside from Said’s program)–it doesn’t just start itself.

Bonus 1: YouTube remarketing

Already interested persons can be tracked and addressed at low cost with specific remarketing advertisements. Learn how to set it up in just 5 steps on YouTube.

Remarketing is a great tool to use in order to consistently get your brand/message/product in front of users likely to convert into customers. I highly recommend leveraging remarketing when it comes to advertising.

Bonus 2: Low & mid-price funnel

If you do not want to create and sell high-end products at the beginning, you’ll see what other lucrative strategies you can pursue instead.

I like that the program offers this bonus module. You can still build a successful business on low and mid-priced products/services.

Bonus 3: VIP support

If you get stuck at some point in the training, Said’s team is available to answer your questions and/or problems either by video, voice, and/or text message.


If you decide to sign up for Said Shiripour’s StartUp Home Business program, upon completion you will be armed with your very own fully automated sales funnel. I must stress this fact though: the automated sales funnel is literally just the beginning of the road–while it requires minimal maintenance, you still need to actively invest money into it as well as continue to invest in your product and/or service.

So needless to say, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme–this program provides the tools and learnings you need to successfully operate a real online business. You will likely still be working every day but at least you’ll be doing something you love.

If you’re looking to start out on your own and build an online business, this course will get you started and pointed in the right direction. It’s a good deal too (especially for a program like this) with a price of only $699.

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