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Are you the go-to tech guy/girl in the family or amongst your friends?  Is this conversation one you’re all too familiar with: “HELP! I have a computer question. How do I…”

Well, If you have been dubbed the go-to person for tech support and if that conversation is one you dread having, this new app will make your life so much easier.

Soluto has introduced a brilliant new tech support tool for Windows called Quick Question that is as simple as asking a question. To begin, users can simply hit F8, enter their question and click send. You, the designated tech-savvy individual, will receive an email along with a screenshot of the problem, a list of currently running processes, and the resources they consume.  That’s great! No more having to ask them to do anything like hold down Ctrl + Alt + Del, or ask what’s running on their computer, it’s all provided to you in a nice email.  That in itself could save you a migraine or two.

But it gets even cooler.

You can respond to the email with an answer or connect to their computer remotely, allowing you to quickly get to the root of the problem and fix it without wasting time having to walk the user through every step of the process, saving time and frustration for everyone involved.

Soluto’s Quick Question is available for download now and is free for up to 5 computers.

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