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If you use Skype on your phone and desktop, you know how annoying its inability to effectively keep your chat message in sync between different machines can be. After you start Skype on your smartphone or tablet, for example, it downloads and alerts you of all of the [potentially] hundreds of messages you’ve received since you last closed it on some other device, which of course, will occasionally cause Skype to hang and/or crash as massive amounts of messages fly in.  Well, good news!  That problem will soon cease to exist according to a new blog post on Skype’s site.

“We are working to synchronize chat message status across all of your devices so you will know the current status of all of your chats on every device you use to interact with Skype,” the Skype team wrote buried in a blog post where they also discussed other architecture changes and releases.  In terms of when you can expect this feature to be rolled out, the Skype team doesn’t provide anything more specific than in “the next few months.”

I’m personally excited about this new sync feature, are you?

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