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So you just bought yourself a brand new iPod Touch, right? Right! Now you’re in the same as I am – you have a ton of music (more than the 16GB iPod Touch you just bought) so you now need a way to fit more songs on it. Well, these company has released an application (ShrinkMyTunes) for around $40 that will shrink your mp3 files in around 30 seconds and really cut down the size. Now, I know all you audiophiles such as myself are saying well “What about the quality?”, the quality is decent. It’s obviously not as good as it was before the shrink, but it’s not horribly bad. However, with that said – I can tell the difference and it bothers me and I highly doubt I will be using this application.

Bottom line is if you have high end or higher end audio equipment you will notice the difference, it’s inevitable. Perhaps if you use Apple’s ear buds it won’t make such a difference but with a pair of Koss, Bose, Sennheiser, or any other high end brand good pair of headphones you will most likely hear the difference. I was listening to the samples on their site with my Klipsch speakers (Pro Media 2.1 THX) and the difference was there.

But hey, if you’re not picky about audio then by all means try it out, it may be worth it for you. If anyone else gives those samples a listen I’d be curious to know what you thought and whether you heard any differences or not. Also, in the comment mention what you used to listen. Looking forward to the feedback as always!

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