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I’m going to try to do the weekly news thing again every Friday. So without further ado, here is this weeks top stories that made the short list.

Story #1: is back on the open market, Sedo, a company which specializes in selling domain names is the broker for this deal. You can email with your offer – I’d expect they will only reply to serious offers, you know – offers that contain at least 7 digits. I’m starting a financing campaign, if you’re interested in helping me acquire the domain to redirect it back to BestTechie.  I think that might just be a worth while investment in the long run.  Full story here.

Story #2: Internet Explorer market share grew by 0.57% in the month of June.  Shocked?  Me too.  Though, supposedly, IE 9 is really good.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  But is Microsoft too late?  Is the damage already done?  Could this just a fluke?  Check back in August (actually, just check in every day) and we will find out.  Full story here.

Story #3: Mozilla has submitted the Firefox Home app to Apple’s App Store.  Will it be approved?  I think so.  I mean, they accepted Opera, so why not?  Firefox Home isn’t even a full-on browser, it just allows you to easily open your Firefox bookmarks, history, and tabs on your iPhone and open them in Safari.  Some app.  Full story here.

Story #4: Google has implemented realtime statistics into Blogger.  This is huge.  I really hope this means they are working on realtime statistics for Google Analytics.  Full story here.

Story #5: Diaspora, the decentralized “Facebook”, if you will is making some progress with development.  And that’s good, considering they were pledged $200,000+ by people all around the world.  One of those people was even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook.  What?  I know.  Must be some kind of PR stunt.  Nonetheless, the project looks good, but maybe that’s because it really resembles Facebook so far.  Full story here.

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