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Welcome to TechieBytes episode 84 titled Selling ain't easy (feat. Haggai Levi)

Today I'm speaking with Haggai Levi, CEO at SetSail, a startup that's raised $37 million and helps organizations sell better. We discuss how CEOs should be thinking about hiring post-pandemic, how companies can implement better sales strategies, his time at Google, and much more! Enjoy!

I've also started the Florida Entrepreneurs Club along with my new friend (whom I met on Clubhouse), Nicholas Mohnacky (@mohnacky on CH)! If you're an entrepreneur in Florida (or anywhere around the world) be sure to follow me on Clubhouse (@jeffweisbein) and join us every Monday and Friday at 3PM ET and Wednesday at 7PM ET! Sign up on the site for the mailing list and follow our Twitter for updates.

Topics we discussed

  • You spent some time at Google, what did you learn during your time there that still impacts the way you work today?

  • Would you say your time at Google helped prepare you to be a startup CEO? What weren’t you prepared for?

  • How is selling changing in the new remote environment?

  • How should sales execs be managing sales people within their organizations in post-COVID world?

  • Will you be moving to a hybrid or fully remote work model? What are your best tips for managing a remote team? What products do you use for communication and organization?

Audio Episode

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Video Episode


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