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It doesn’t take much to arrive at the conclusion that brick-and-mortar stores are approaching a steady decline with the rise of e-commerce giants and the digital age. Companies such as Amazon have completely immersed themselves in all areas of consumption, from food to medicine to clothes and cameras. Early on, these platforms understood the impact of digitization and the ease and accessibility it offers consumers and sellers alike. It’s important to understand just how beneficial incorporation of eCommerce into your everyday life can be and how you can take advantage of the digital age. Luckily, the SellFee app is here to help.

SellFee is a real-life eCommerce strategy gaming application that lets you run a business and make real money from the palm of your hands. The app eliminates the hurdles and expenses associated with traditional retail by providing you a space to establish yourself in the digital world. With SellFee you can create your own online store, become your own boss, and run it from anywhere in the world completely hassle-free.

Save Time

No matter where in the world you are, SellFee provides a premium and hassle-free eCommerce business creation platform for mobile and desktop devices, with an easily assembled store and navigated game (no middleman necessary). The people behind the app take care of: stock management, customer support, service, system maintenance, server management, software updates and more. Unlike competitors, SellFee is a one stop shop for everything the user needs in order to start a complete drop shipping eCommerce platform, and the only platform that does so with only four taps making it an extremely practical way to manage your business and your time.

Save Money

SellFee eliminates all of the typical hurdles and expenses associated with opening a traditional retail business. There are the property costs, the hiring costs, the inventory costs, and day-to-day maintenance costs, which are all avoided when you open up shop with SellFee. The idea behind the app is that you should not have to spend money to make money.

Make Money

You begin by creating an account (for free) and deciding the category of items you wish to sell in your store. There is no shortage of options to choose from, whether it be clothes, iPhones, cameras, video games, or furniture, you will have a wide inventory to sort through and select from. Once you’ve landed on your desired line of business and designated your unique name and logo, you’re ready to start selling and making real money. Attract buyers to your store by continually marketing it through social media links that include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Cash out at any time via the PayPal account your store is set up with. The more inventory you sell, the more options you have of what to sell. You can run, upgrade and replenish your business from anywhere in the world. Every time a sales milestone is hit, you are then upgraded to a larger stock of inventory. Each tweet and cha-ching gets you a better chance to do your thing.

When we think about the impact the internet and technology has had on our society just in the past few years, it only makes sense that eCommerce is transforming the way we expend products and services. Retailers and institutions are no longer entrenched by fixed and sunk costs, but are now able to run a platform with relatively low maintenance expenses. And now you can too! Consumers also capitalize on this option of accessibility and portability that gives them entry into endless types of products to buy from anywhere in the world. The digital era is here to stay and it is to everyone’s benefit to embrace it.

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