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Is the traditional YouTube app for iOS developed by Google just not cutting it for you? That’s ok, because I have an awesome alternative iOS YouTube app for you. The app is called Jasmine and it’s super sleek. Jasmine is a universal app that is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad. It’s also optimized for the iPhone 5 as well as for retina on both the iPhone and iPad.

The app sports a smooth and super responsive user interface with an optional “Night” theme and dimming support for use in low light situations. Jasmine also makes it easy to manage your playlists, browse YouTube in various ways, and share videos on Twitter and Facebook.

Jasmine is completely free and unrestricted with no ads. However, if you want to support the developer or are a parent, there is an optional PRO version that you can get via an in-app purchase for $1.99. The only additional feature that the PRO version provides is parental controls.

The app will also remember the position you were in a video if you don’t finish watching it, which is super useful for longer videos that you may not finish watching in one viewing. Another nice feature of Jasmine is the built-in AirPlay support so you can stream movies playing on your iPhone or iPad elsewhere. Jasmine also has some pretty awesome filtering technology to block comment spam and channel promotions, so you never (or rarely) have to deal with spam. And of course, in addition to watching videos, you can also use Jasmine to post and reply to comments.

You can watch our video review/overview of Jasmine above to get a feel for the app.

Have you tried Jasmine? What do you think?

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