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Anonymous work talk app, Blind, has new survey data out on which tech companies offer the most as well as the largest signing bonuses to new employees. From the app, a total of 5,212 users of Blind were asked the question, “Did you receive a signing bonus from your current employer?” Respondents were able to choose only one answer from the following options:

$100K+ • $90,001-$100K • $80,001-$90K • $70,001-$80K • $60,001-$70K • $50,001-$60K • $40,001-$50K • $30,001-$40K • $20,001-$30K • $10,001-$20K • $10K or less • No bonus

The results show that Amazon leads the way with the highest number of employees who received a signing bonus, with 92 percent of employees answering that they received a signing bonus from the company. Rounding out the top five (5) are Snapchat (87 percent), Apple (86 percent), Facebook (83 percent), and LinkedIn (80 percent).

The majority of signing bonuses fell within the range of $10,000 or less.

Meanwhile it seems Facebook gives the biggest signing bonuses to new employees, with almost 17 percent reporting that they received a signing bonus of $100,000 or more, followed by Amazon, where nearly 16 percent of new employees reported receiving a signing bonus of $100,000 or more.

I guess it really does pay to be in tech.

The survey ran from May 8, 2018 through May 13, 2018.

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