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According to a story on Reuters, BlackBerry’s board of officials have blocked any and all proposals to break up the company in the wake of its recent sale/no sale shakeup. This has continued even though large companies like Microsoft, Apple and Lenovo have expressed interest in acquiring portions of the company, according to Reuter’s sources.

The crux of the board’s argument for disagreeing with a break-up of the company is that it wouldn’t fit the interest of all stakeholders, which is an amalgamation of employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders who wish to remain anonymous in their ownership.

Two of the Canadian company’s largest competitors, Microsoft and Apple, have both expressed interest in attaining some of BlackBerry’s intellectual property patents, the source claims. There were apparently discussions had with Cisco, Google and Lenovo as well concerning the sale of some of its parts, but no solid details have surfaced.

This news comes as yet another surprise for shareholders, especially after Fairfax Financial, the proposed $4.7 billion investor who planned to purchase BlackBerry, failed to secure the funds needed to complete the transaction by November 4.

Following that hiccup in the process, BlackBerry instead received a $1 billion investment from the company (and other investors), and excused its CEO Thorsten Heins from his top spot. He was replaced by John S. Chen, who will be handling CEO and Executive Chair of the Board responsibilities for the time being.

Since, BlackBerry’s stock has decreased by roughly 16 percent.

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