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Since its announcement last September, the Apple Watch has been the talk of the tech industry, with one of the most important topics of conversation regarding its supposed release date. While Apple said the Watch would ship in “early 2015,” many have speculated that we wouldn’t see it until closer to the summer months. However, a new report on 9to5Mac claims that the Apple Watch will actually go on sale much sooner than we might’ve expected, slated for a March release.

The report cites “several sources” who say that Apple will begin training one or two higher level Apple Store employees from each store on hawking the wearable beginning on February 9, just a month away. That training will apparently happen at Apple offices in California or Texas, and will last until February 16. Then, as the Apple Watch release approaches, those employees will start training others working in their respective stores, with the knowledge trickling down the retail chain.

The report also says that Apple has been working to make improvements to the Apple Watch’s charging function – likely changes to ensure faster charging and battery life that will perhaps last longer. Apple has no doubt been paying close attention to the various critiques and reviews coming in about its wearable competition – specifically that of the various Android Wear devices that have come out in recent months. The Moto 360 managed to generate tons of pre-release buzz, only to lose steam once its battery life was revealed to be less-than-stellar. If Apple can make it so the Watch can last longer than a day on each charge, it’ll be able to justify the hype it’s generated – as well as the $349 price tag for the most basic model.

Right now, the Apple Watch is something of a mythical figure in tech, promising either to usher in a new age of wearables or to deflate like a birthday party balloon. Hopefully this report is true, and we’ll find out by March rather than have to wait all the way until the summer.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

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