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Last month, T-Mobile – which calls itself the “un-carrier” – announced its latest plan to screw with its competitors: with the Data Stash, customers would be able to roll any unused data into the next month. In a move surprising no one, least of all T-Mobile CEO and crazy person John Legere, AT&T has just announced a new plan that will do pretty much the exact same thing.

According to AT&T’s announcement, the new feature is simply called “Rollover Data,” meaning that Mobile Share Value customers – those who share data plans with other handsets – can roll unused data from one month into the next one. The feature will be added to Mobile Share Value plans automatically at no extra cost – so that’s pretty nice of the carrier.

Currently, there are over 50 million Mobile Share Value customers, and the plan will take effect on January 25. That means that if you’re not a customer on that plan yet, you have a couple of weeks to jump into it. So how does the Mobile Share Value plan work?


As you can see in the chart above, AT&T has a few set prices for data allotments that can be shared across various lines on one account. For instance, sharing 1GB of data costs $25 a month, while 10GB costs $100 – the plan goes all the way up to 100GB of data for $375 a month. Sure, it’s not unlimited data, but depending on how much data each person uses per month, and how many people are splitting it, the Mobile Share Value plan might be just right.

It doesn’t really matter just now, though, since you can bet your sweet bippy that Sprint and Verizon will follow T-Mobile and AT&T’s lead. Soon enough we’ll have all four major US carriers fighting over customers by offering rollover data, and who knows what else. While you may or may not have T-Mobile as your carrier, it sure is awesome that they keep making new offers to force the competition to match them.

[AT&T Rollover Data Announcement]

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