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It keeps happening: Jeff Bezos at Amazon keeps lowering the price of the Fire Phone. The device launched at $199 on-contract this past summer, with a whopping $650 price for an unlocked handset. Then the on-contract price was dropped to a 99 cents in September, and by November, the off-contract price hit the $199 mark. Today, however, the unlocked version has had its price slashed again, this time to $189, plus a full year of Amazon Prime membership, a $99 value.

It’s currently listed as Amazon’s “Bonus Deal of the Day” for about another nine hours, as of this writing, so if you’ve been wondering about how you can buy more things from Amazon via your mobile phone, now’s your best chance to find out. Even though the deal will expire today, don’t be surprised to see it pop up again before too long. Amazon has a whole stack of these things gathering dust in a warehouse, so there’s no reason it won’t cut its price again and again until they’re all gone.

And then, of course, Amazon will announce the Fire Phone 2

[Source: TechCrunch]

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