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The Pivotal Podium Revolution is an excellent choice for an iPhone/iPod Touch stand. The Podium Revolution is well designed and very well built. The base of the podium is very nicely finished solid steel and the grips hold your iPhone/iPod Touch just right – not too firm that you have to force the device in and out of them, but, not too loose that you have to worry about it falling out. It’s also very light-weight weighing in at only 16oz.

There are a number of great uses for the Podium Revolution that I have found in my few days of using the product. First, it makes using your iPhone a more pleasant experience while sitting at your desk. Aside from worrying about scuffing up the back of your iPhone by letting it sit and/or slide all over your desk, it really makes for better usage I have found in the follow situations a.) watching videos on YouTube b.) Talking on speaker phone c.) Texting, email, or any apps which you type in.

Now with iPhone OS 3.0 coming out this summer and a number of apps supporting landscape mode the Podium Revolution will prove to be quite useful for typing on the on-screen keyboard (in addition to vertical mode) as it can easily maneuver in either position with a variety of different angles.

The only thing I found a slight issue with was that when you press the home button on the iPhone/iPod Touch the Podium has a tendency to be pushed upwards off the desk or surface. In order to stop this from occurring you need grab your iPhone/iPod Touch from behind while you press the home button. It’s definitely not the end of the world. I just wish it was a little more bottom-heavy, but, I guess that’s a trade-off for portability.

Overall, the Podium Revolution is definitely a solid choice for an iPhone/iPod Touch stand. It’s sleek, stylish, well built, and does what it should very well (holding your iPhone).

Pricing is a little high at $68, but I was lucky enough to get a discount for my readers. If you purchase using my link below you can save 20%.

20% OFF Podium Revolution

Have you tried the Podium Revolution? What do you think? Leave a comment!

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