Chris Pirillo I’m Suing You

In September 2008, Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome recorded a video for his website about the do’s and don’ts of picking an online nickname.  All of his videos are uploaded to various video websites including YouTube where he currently has over 62,000 subscribers.  I have embedded the video above for you to view.

The video contained a portion in which he referenced “The BestTechie” where he made untruthful statements which I believe have damaged my brand. My brand of course being BestTechie.

My lawyer says the case will be difficult but he feels we have accumulated enough evidence to win.

Chris Pirillo – I’m suing you for slander.


What you should know about California's Consumer Privacy Act

  • Nice, but one problem.

    Since it was TuxedoJericho whom submitted the slanderous email, it would be he who committed slander. However Chris whom broadcasted it would have to, under the Defamation Act, do the following.

    Unintentional defamation.
    7. —(1) A person who has published words alleged to be defamatory of another person may, if he claims that the words were published by him innocently in relation to that other person, make an offer of amends under this section; and in any such case —

    The most simple solution being to apologize and retract the statement.

    This would be done out of court, I feel sueing one out right in this case would cost more money then its worth.

    Now if he knowingly said it, remembering your brand. Then one could push forward, however again the court would most likely order a public apology, and a retraction of the statement made.

    *Sets aside his law book, coughs from the dust.*

    There ya have it. *waves.*

  • Honestly. and I mean this fom the bottom of my heart, GAL. Gal means GET A LIFE. Are you really stupid enough to sue him whether he says something that is completely true or not? I hope this sinks in to you bud, but you don’t have any right to sue chris pirillo. he has done nothing to you, and if you sue him then he has the right to sue YOU for false suing.

  • It sounded like Chris said “The Best Techie” and he actually made an effort to separate “Best” and “Techie”.

    Are you sure he remembered your website at the time and was referring to you? Those recommendations for choosing an online handle came from someone else and I’m sure the comments expressed in the message are not of Chris.

    Furthermore, it is not uncommon for some random user on the internet to use an “already-owned” handle and mar that handle for the genuine owner.

  • LOL, Jeff, that would be a waste of time… but unfortunatly the calendar says April 1st :P

    I know you wouldn’t Su chris ;)

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