Picking The Best Webcam

I received an email today from one of the users in chat who watches the live stream, and he wanted to know what the best webcam on the market is at this time. I am currently recommending Logitech. I use a Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP which is no longer in production, but has been re-released as the Quickcam Orbit AF – it’s essentially just a newer and slightly better model.

When you’re buying a webcam you do not want to cheap out, especially if you’re planning on using it to stream on the web on sites such as ustream.tv. You are going to want to spend a decent amount of money, the $130 price tag on the Logitech Quickcam Orbit AF is a worth while investment, especially if you’re going to be streaming and recording videos to upload to sites like YouTube and Revver.

The Orbit MP that I currently use has been an excellent webcam that I am very happy with, it works and looks great.

What webcam do you use? How is it? Leave a comment!

UPDATE: We’ve updated this information in a new post which can be found here: What’s the Best Webcam?

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  • Hey I was wondering was your webcam ever fuzzy?

    If you pay about 20.02 for a webcam does it automatically mean it will be fuzzy?

  • Thanks for the recommendation Jeff.

    I went ahead and purchased that webcam just now.

    I have a Macbook Air with a webcam, but I wanted something that I could plugin to my desktop.

    Great work, thanks.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I liked your review but I need you – if feasible – you to answer a few more questions before I buy a QuickCam Orbit AF:

    1) Is this webcam coming with neat, stabile Win XP drivers? (my Creative VF0250 is crashing the system too easy!)

    2) Is this coming with save-settings drivers, so I will not be in need to set-up camera exposure, brightness, etc. once again with every reboot?

    3) Is the driver capable of basic image rotation/flipping, so the camera may be used in a versatile manner in every position?

    Thanks ahead of your feedback.

  • I have the logitech quickcam pro 9000.
    This cam rocks!
    I can’t believe the image clarity.
    The resolution is so good it’s almost scary!
    The software is awesome. So easy to use.
    I don’t ever give reviews. That is how good I think this cam is.
    I got it from buy.com.
    +74.99 for the cam -30.00 for applying for a chase visa through them -20.00 for a mail in rebate. No tax. Free shipping. You do the math.:-)

  • Some months ago I heard a review on the radio for a web cam that has its optics(or something) arranged so that, when you are looking at the monitor, to the viewer at the other end of a SKYPE call, for instance, it looks like you are looking at them and not off screen (as with a normal camera).
    Does anyone know anything about this camera and where I can buy one?

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