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So are you a YouTube Guru? Do you think you know everything about YouTube? Well, hold on for one minute! There might be some things which you were not aware existed at all because they are somewhat hidden on YouTube’s website. Here is a list of the 5 things you might know about YouTube.

Active Sharing: When you start Active Sharing, your user name will appear to other users on the videos you watch. A list of videos you’ve recently watched will also appear on your profile page.

AudioSwap: YouTube has made arrangements with artists and record labels so that you can add their songs to your YouTube videos. However, When you add a new soundtrack to your video using AudioSwap, the audio track on your video will be permanently replaced. Also, at the moment the only downside I see to this feature is that the selection of music and artists is very small. I really hope it expands in the future.

Remixer: YouTube’s Video Remixer is powered by Adobe Premiere Express, which allows you to “remix” your videos with text, audio, graphics, overlays, effects, and transitions. It is a handy feature for people who don’t have video editing software or have uploaded a video which they wish they could effects, transitions, etc to without having to re-upload it.

Streams: Streams allows you to chat with other YouTubers who are watching the same videos as you. This is very cool, it adds a whole new level of interaction on YouTube aside from just comments.

Warp: Warp is a very neat feature which is fun to play with, it lets you visually browse YouTube videos in a fullscreen player. This is probably my favorite feature at the moment due to the sheer coolness of it. I wish there was a way to limit the videos to stuff you wanted to browse…

All of these features can be found here: TestTube On YouTube

So what is your favorite feature of these 5 or of any feature on YouTube? Leave a comment!

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