According to sources for gaming news site Polygon, the next Xbox could introduce in-game video recording and sharing as well as changes to the Xbox Live achievement system. These new features and changes could be described in more detail when the console is officially unveiled by Microsoft at an event on May 21.

300px-Gamerscore-IntroThe video capture feature may be similar to a feature that was announced at a Sony event for the PlayStation 4 back in February. That feature allows gamers to capture video clips of in-game action and publish them to social networks using the PlayStation 4 controller’s “share” button.

It is said that Microsoft’s take on in-game recording will not only allow players to capture moments they want to share from their gameplay, but will also automatically record significant milestones, such as unlocked achievements.This system is said to work much like a DVR works — it automatically records a certain amount of the channel you’re watching so that you can “rewind” live TV to go back and catch something you missed.

In this case, the next Xbox automatically records a block of your gameplay so that you can go back later and save or share a memorable moment from your gaming session.

More serious gamers already have setups that enable them to record their gameplay, but those systems aren’t built into the Xbox console and these gamers are definitely in the minority when compared to the total number of players. It’ll be interesting to see how more casual gamers respond to these new recording and sharing features.

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The next Xbox will reportedly introduce a change in the Xbox Live achievements system, too. In a move that could prove quite popular with gamers, Microsoft will allow developers to add achievements to a game after it has shipped — without the need to purchase new DLC. This could help keep older games fresh and perhaps let developers add achievements related to community contests or marketing campaigns.

Microsoft is also exploring the possibility of new types of achievements, such as cross-platform and cross-title achievements. Those of the cross-platform variety would reward gamers who play a game on the next Xbox and also interact with a previous title on the Xbox 360, a mobile app or a website. Cross-title achievements could be awarded to gamers who play a certain number of titles put out by the same company.

A Microsoft spokesperson did put out a response to these reports:

We’re excited to share more about the new generation of games, TV and entertainment on May 21, but have nothing further to share at this time.

Looks like we’ll just have to wait until later next month to find out what’s true and what’s false. We’ll stay on top of things here and let you know if more rumors surface.

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