The Square Register app for iPad has been updated with a couple of new features. Users now have the ability to print off kitchen tickets using a connected receipt printer and can also add modifiers for custom orders. This news, first reported by TechCrunch, comes as Square sees an uptick in the number of traditional restaurants using its service.

Kitchen tickets are a must in venues where a lot of meals are ordered. These tickets  list out exactly what the customer wants and can help cooks keep track of what they’re supposed to prepare. Before the update to Square Register, cashiers were likely forced to write down an order, which can be time-consuming, or verbally give the order to a cook, which can lead to forgotten items.

The order modifiers add an extra level to the kitchen ticketing system. Square Register now enables cashiers to modify items on an order for customers who want their food or beverages prepared a certain way. For instance,  a cashier could add a “well done” modifier to a steak order to help the cook prepare it correctly.

ipad-registerSquare Register for iPad makes it pretty easy to set up and maintain a digital point-of-sale system for your business. And, as we reported last month, the company has started offering a “Business in a Box” package that includes a Square-compatible cash register. This package is priced at $300, though you’ll need to drop another $300 or so if you want a compatible cash register.

The whole system takes the ability to have a POS system out of the hands of traditional card merchants and gives business owners more control, though there are still some features available in the older systems that Square has yet to replicate. Kitchen tickets and order modifiers are good steps in offering a more complete solution and I’m certain Square isn’t finished yet.

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Oh, and if you use the Square Register iPhone app, too, take note — it has updated too, with the same useful item library found on the iPad version.

Square produced a video that shows off some of the new features, which you can watch below.

Have you updated to the new Square Register app and made use of the features? If so, let us know what you think.

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