Today, New York City-based Outbrain, a content discovery platform, announced the launch of a couple new features in its Amplify self-serve platform that are sure to delight many Outbrain customers.

The first feature is the ability to easily add content in bulk to Outbrain and even customize the headlines of the articles you’re adding.  Previously, you had to add pieces of content one by one or import everything via an RSS feed, so this definitely a welcome addition.


The second feature is something many campaign managers will appreciate — the ability to add custom campaign tracking tags to URLs.  Custom tracking tags allow you to see which pieces of content are performing the best on Outbrain as well as determine how much traffic is coming via Outbrain and how valuable that traffic from Outbrain is.  In order to add a custom tag to your Outbrain content, simply edit your campaign and input the tag you want to use.


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