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It’s no secret that Moto X information has been leaking like crazy, but today we’re getting our closest look at Motorola’s as of yet unreleased handset so far. The full 2-minute video posted to YouTube by Daniel Tyson is apparently a demo video put together by Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless highlighting the Moto X’s unique software features in detail, most of which are being unveiled for the first time.

First and foremost, the Moto X will have advanced voice recognition functionality capable of answering your questions without having to even touch the display. As demonstrated in the video, simple directing a question to the handset by saying “Okay, Google Now” in the vicinity of the handset will activate the built in Google Now functionality, which allows users to launch applications, find information, search the web, send messages, and more with a simple voice command. Similarly advanced voice recognition has been built into Google’s hot new Google Glass headset, so it’s no surprise to see Google integrating those large strides made by the Glass software team back into a flagship Android device.

Far from being all, the Moto X also allows users to passively check screen notifications by simply glancing at the screen, again without actually touching the device. Google and Motorola have also appeared to improve upon other key aspects of the Android operating system, which is expected to launch with the as of yet unreleased Android 4.3 update. One major new feature allows the camera application to be launched with a simple flick of the wrist, allowing for quick and easy access to the camera without actually navigating through the UI. Tapping anywhere on the camera app will take a photo, while a prolonged press enables burst mode, taking a series of photos in rapid fire.

The leaked video claims that Moto X will be arriving this August in both black and white, though other leaks have revealed that Google may be planning a series of other colors as well. The video also claims that Moto X will be exclusive to Rogers in Canada at launch. Be sure to check out the leaked video soon, we have a feeling it won’t be up for long.

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