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This week felt quiet but was actually filled with a couple of big headlines.

The biggest one has to be the re-organization that took place at Microsoft. The company’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, felt the move was necessary in order to unite the company toward achieving a set of common goals. Up to this point, Microsoft’s various divisions had been working separately, some even competing with each other. Will this re-organization put Microsoft on the right track? We’ll have to wait and see.

Apple also began seeding iOS 7 beta 3 to developers this week. The latest beta of the upcoming mobile OS brought many bug fixes and, for owners of the iPad mini and iPad 2, now allows iPhone apps to run in “Retina” mode, meaning Retina-level assets are used in the apps. This should kill a lot of the blurriness these users see when opening iPhone apps on these devices.

huluRemember all of those companies that were battling it out over streaming video site Hulu? It was all for nothing, as Hulu’s owners — Disney, News Corp and NBC — have decided not to sell, instead infusing the company with $750 million and trusting the Hulu team to keep up the good work.

T-Mobile had already made the wireless world a little more interesting with its Uncarrier plans. Now the company has raised the bar a bit in an attempt to woo those folks who need to own the latest and greatest smartphones. The carrier’s new Jump plan tacks a $10 a month charge onto customer accounts and, in exchange, lets them upgrade their phone as often as twice a year if they choose to do so.

Nokia unveiled its Lumia 1020, a Windows phone that is all about the camera to the point of being ridiculous. Like, 41 megapixels of ridiculous. It’s definitely a flagship phone for the Windows Phone platform and it’s priced like it, too — the Lumia 1020 will cost you $299 when it debuts on AT&T’s network on July 22.

That’s a look back the big news from this past week. Thanks for catching up with us, and be sure to come back next Saturday for another Weekend Wrap-up.

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