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During its most recent press event, Apple slashed the price of the Apple TV set top box from $99 to $69—great value! But the reason for the price drop, most likely, is that Apple is getting set to debut a new and improved version of the device pretty soon, and a Friday post on Buzzfeed of all places says it has the scoop about the details.

The post cites “sources familiar with the company’s plans,” who say that the new Apple TV will rely on the A8 system-on-chip “or a variant of it,” well over 8GB of internal storage, as well as a new version of its operating system that incorporates Apple’s personal digital assistant, Siri. Additionally, the new Apple TV may serve as the control hub for HomeKit, which is Apple’s so-far underused smart home platform.

Meanwhile, last Tuesday the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has plans to release a new subscription TV service, in which a new Apple TV device would most certainly play a part. We already know that HBO Now will launch exclusively on Apple TV starting in April. The WSJ report, however, adds that it’ll offer “about 25 channels” and “broadcasters such as ABC, CBS, and Fox would be available on Apple devices such as the Appel TV.”

The Buzzfeed post says that we may see the new Apple TV at WWDC this June, which seems as likely a place to debut the device as any. It seems like the timing is a bit off, though. The HBO Now deal starts in April, while WWDC doesn’t kick off until June. Maybe the new Apple TV will include a free month or two of HBO Now to entice new users to buy it once the exclusivity deal runs out. Just guessing there. If nothing else, though, don’t be surprised to see the refreshed device show up on stage in a couple of months.

[Sources: Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal]

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