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Creating a website these days has gotten dramatically easier than just a couple years ago.  While it’s always useful to know how to code, it’s no longer absolutely necessary to create a high-quality, professional website because of the various tools in the web design marketplace today.

A recent web design platform brought to our attention is IM Creator.

IM Creator is a good answer to the question many people have of how to get your own free website. The company’s founders wanted to create a tool that would allow their family and friends create websites even if they didn’t know any programming, and so IM Creator was developed.

What started as a way to help friends and family members has quickly turned into a full-scale business.


Here are some of the features IM Creator has to offer:

100% White Label Solution

IM Creator’s White Label will help you if you are in the business of website creation.  You can offer your clients with all the important elements of website products in one place such as website, hosting, email, and domain name.

The site builder can be completely integrated into your brand identity including logos and colors and customized integrations.

IM Creator will provide you with a branded product which will be ready for new clients who wish to create a website.

Provide a Complete Solution to Your Clients

IM Creator allows you to create HTML-based websites faster and easier without paying hefty sums to developers to write the code for you.

Once you have created a complete site with IM Creator, you can hand it over to your client who can then independently insert new content even after the website is published. Therefore as the creator of the website you won’t need to insert any text into it and can focus on the design and layout.

Free to Build

IM Creator allows you to build your sites free of cost. You can upgrade to a premium subscription only when you want to purchase a domain name for your site.

There are no charges such as setup fees or upfront costs involved. You get the option to pay from their subscriptions which begin at $5.95 per month. Or you can purchase a discounted bundle which begins with five sites.

The Website Builder

To date more than 4 million websites have been built with IM Creator.

You can begin your design by choosing a template from their library of templates or you can also begin with a blank page.

They offer a drag and drop editor which will make the design process a breeze.

You can easily add text, pictures, videos, galleries, slideshows, social media widgets, Google Maps, customized forms, HTML and more through their simple interface.

All the sites created with IM Creator are hosted on the professional Amazon servers but there is also an option to host it elsewhere if you wish.

IM Creator wants to make it easier for people to create and build websites.  That’s the entire idea behind the company and the name.  In fact, the name is actually a contraction for ”I am creator” because once you use it you will be able to echo that phrase.

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