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A lot has been said about Moto X’s customization capabilities, allowing for up to a whopping 504 distinct and unique variations of the device, from the color of the frame of the device, to the color of the buttons, a white or black front, and storage capabilities. At the heart of that effort is Motorola’s Motomaker, a unique new online tool that acts as the customization hub for the Moto X. Motorola had been a big cagey on providing a specific launch date for Motomaker, but now over three weeks after the Moto X’s coming out party Motomaker is officially online and ready to be played with.

Unfortunately the site doesn’t yet allow you to actually purchase your one of a kind Moto X without first heading over to your local AT&T store to pick up a “Moto X Card,” however online purchasing should be coming before too terribly long. AT&T currently owns exclusive rights to sell customized Moto X’s, with other carriers being stuck with plain old black and white variants for the time being.

The Moto X officially went up for sale on AT&T today, so if you’re behind Motorola’s attempt to reinvigorate the smartphone market, head on down and pick up your Moto X Card now. I certainly wouldn’t blame you.

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