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We’re inching closer and closer to the official release of Windows 10 from Microsoft. For proof, look no further than a Microsoft blog post published on Monday, which tells us that there’s a new SDK available for the creation of new Windows 10 apps and programs. Huzzah!

In addition to whatever apps developers come up with, Windows 10 will be armed with a new web browser called “Spartan.”

Among the big bullet points discussed in the post is the operating system’s new emphasis on its Adaptive User Experience, or Adaptive UX. In short, it means that an app can be developed that’ll work well on a small screen, a medium-sized screen, or a large screen, without nearly as much trouble. That’s a huge benefit considering Microsoft’s plans to release a mobile version of Windows 10 alongside its tablet and desktop version of the OS.

On that same note, the post discusses Windows 10’s user interface controls, which “will determine, at runtime, how the customer is interacting with [an] app and render the appropriate user experience.” So if a user has a keyboard and mouse hooked up, or if they’re using a touchscreen, the app can be optimized for either kind of interface. Again, that’s a huge plus for devices like the Surface Pro, which gives users the option to swap between “laptop” and “tablet” with the touch of a finger.

This is probably the most exciting operating system release from Microsoft in some time, as it’s the first to come out under the direction of CEO Satya Nadella. Moreover, as shown via extensive preview testing through the Windows Insider Program, Windows 10 is set to correct many of the most offensive decisions made in Windows 8, making it the best operating system for the many touch-capable PCs running Windows out in the wild—including the Surface line of devices.

The benefit of Windows 10 excitement, too, is that developers are more likely to develop more interesting, engaging apps for the platform. That’ll give Windows 10 a leg up in the mobile space, and might induce Microsoft’s PC partners to make even better hardware to rival the Surface Pro 3. And the more awesome PCs that come out, the better it is for developers who want to take advantage of excited Windows 10 users. All in all, this might be the year of Microsoft.

[Building Apps for Windows]

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