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One of the much vaunted features of the forthcoming Apple Watch is the ability to customize the watch face to suit your needs. But a company that makes custom smartphone cases—Casetify—has announced a new way for customers to create truly unique Apple Watch Bands utilizing their own photos.

For only $50, users can take whatever photos or images they like and drag-and-drop them onto a blank Apple Watch Band. That can include any photo you snap and save to Instagram of Facebook, or even any image you find on the Internet. To test it out, I tried making a custom Apple Watch band featuring the Joker from DC Comics. Because, basically, why not?


The band-making interface allows users to move or adjust any of the imagery to suit your liking. The interface also gives users the ability to have one big image spread throughout the band, or to break each band up into smaller segments. There’s a lot of customization available, and it seems pretty easy to use based on my quick attempt. And considering how much money the Apple Watch costs alone, paying another $50 for something that makes it completely unique is actually really reasonable.

Of course, it’s not clear how well these bands will stand up to the test of time. Apple has plenty of its own bands available for purchase with its three different Watch configurations. Chances are good that, at the very least, Apple’s first-party bands will work the best and last the longest. But if people use the Apple Watch as the company intends—customizing it to suit their needs and making fashion choices to express themselves—Casetify might have a really great product on its hands. And, I guess, potentially the hands of Apple Watch owners.

[Casetify Apple Watch Bands]

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