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Digital media advertising is everywhere. It is almost impossible to go online and not have a site with retargeted ads based on your searches and clicks. Brands are constantly looking for new ways to expand their name recognition, however, in the confusing world of digital advertising this can prove to be complicated. Networks control this space acting as middlemen connecting brands with advertising companies. Brands are required to hire both networks and ad companies spending resources that could be put towards creative efforts.


Believing they have developed an easy to use streamlined platform for a wide range of users, Meme Global provides self service and automated features to help design comprehensive digital media ad campaigns. The company feels they have found a way to remove the inefficient middlemen. This allows brands to redirect their funds towards campaigns and marketing efforts.

“I don’t expect paid media companies to like what we are trying to achieve but what wakes me up in the morning is our passion to empower advertisers and creative agencies to regain control of the media space and help them succeed in this complex new world of new media,” said Ronen Menipaz, Co-Founder and CMO of Meme Global. “There are over $5.75 billion dollars being wasted on unnecessary middlemen and intermediaries in this industry. We are looking to tap into this market and help creative agencies and advertisers save resources and increase the reach of their marketing budgets.”

The company is looking to increase their reach in the digital marketing space, as their video section, Meme Video, has recently been purchased by Somoto for $13 million.


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