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So here’s some information that is no secret to anyone who knows me — art isn’t really my thing. I don’t cover the walls with it, and even if I did, my tastes would probably change to where I’d want something new pretty regularly. And let’s not even get started on price.

eo1-catsFortunately, there’s a Kickstarter project out there that almost feels aimed at someone like me — or maybe aimed at someone who loves art so much that a single piece taking up a space on the wall won’t do.

Electric Objects’ EO1 is a product that takes some pretty simple, widely available technology and does something pretty interesting with it. When you dig into the EO1, it’s really nothing more than the guts of a mid-tier smartphone or set-top box connected to a 1080p display. But combined with some custom software and a smartphone app, it becomes a Web-enabled picture frame that’s capable of displaying art from all over the place.

Can you use it to display Grumpy Cat? Sure. What about a photo of your family? No problem. But Electric Objects has its sights set higher for what it can do with the EO1 — namely, helping you tap into the art collections of museums, libraries and other organizations so you can use the device as a window to the world’s best art.

You can see how this might be great for someone who knows and loves art. And for those who aren’t that into it, the EO1 can at least prevent you from buying a portrait of some creepy man whose eyes you swear follow you when you walk across the room. But anyway.

The E01 can be obtained with a $299 minimum Kickstarter donation, and there are a few other tiers too that combine additional perks and even multiple EO1 devices. Check out the Kickstarter page to see what fits your budget. And if this sounds like something you’d buy, or something you’d absolutely avoid, tell us about it in the comments.

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