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Apple’s going to finally lift the veil on the iPhone 6 any day now. But while we’ve been waiting for confirmation about the mythical device, there’ve been no shortage of rumors and supposition regarding the final design of the device. Earlier this week, however, YouTuber Marques Brownlee claims to have the front panel from an iPhone 6 taken hot off the assembly line.

Brownlee mentions towards the end of the video that he managed to get the part via Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, though other than that, the provenance of the part is more or less a mystery. Even still, it seems to have every indication that it’s the real deal – well, it might be better if Tim Cook himself were in the video handing the panel to Brownlee, but in the absence of such evidence, we’ll have to settle for the fact that this thing looks legit.

Brownlee takes a knife and some keys to the panel and just goes to town with both in an attempt to stress test the sapphire crystal display. The result is extremely impressive. Take a look for yourself:

As you can see, there’s nary a scratch on the display, showing one of the biggest benefits of sapphire over Gorilla Glass. He also starts bending and twisting the hell out of it, all in an attempt to damage the mighty material. No matter what he did, Brownlee was unable to make a dent, leaving a seemingly unmolested front panel in his hands.

The upshot here is that if the panel being used in the video is indeed what will end up on the iPhone 6, chances seem good that cracked iPhones will be a thing of the past. Keep the case and screen protector off your device, you guys – this thing is being built to last.

The other upshot? How much is the iPhone 6 going to cost? The iPhone has always been a premium item, so it stands to reason it’d carry just as heavy a price tag as its predecessors. But using a material as miraculously strong and tough as this seems like it’ll jack the price even higher than we’ve ever seen before.

How much would you pay for an iPhone that can’t be cracked?

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