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Last week, I bought Apple’s Magic Trackpad.  I had an idea what to expect from it being that it’s the same multi-touch surface on my Macbook Pro – it’s just, bigger.  80% bigger in fact.  While I have never liked my Macbook Pro’s trackpad, I thought, why not just give the Magic Trackpad a shot.  And so I did.  The Magic Trackpad lies on an angle, if you have ever seen or used an Apple wireless keyboard it’s exactly the same angle.

The surface of the device feels and works the same as any Macbook Pro’s trackpad.  It has all of the gestures and swipe capabilities, which I do love.  However, as someone who has always used a mouse and for the most part despised trackpads, I have had a very hard time adjusting to it.  My fingers become uncomfortable after a while of use and the accuracy that a mouse can provide just isn’t there with a trackpad.  The latter part leads to frustration.  At least for me.

If you have a Macbook Pro and love the trackpad, the Magic Trackpad is for you.  It works on both Mac desktops and notebooks and can be used in conjunction with a regular mouse (which is nice).  It works over Bluetooth so it’s completely wireless and takes two AA batteries.  Do I like it better than the regular trackpad on my Macbook Pro?  Yes.  Mostly because it’s bigger.  But I can’t see this device replacing the mouse for die-hard mouse users.  It will take a lot of Magic Trackpad usage to wean myself off of a mouse and even then I’m not sure I would give up the mouse completely, but who knows.

As I predicted, this device will result in a love or hate relationship.  You will either love it or hate.  So should you buy it?  If you have a Macbook and like the trackpad, chances are you will like this product.  There is essentially no learning curve involved because all of the gestures, swipes, and usage techniques are exactly the same.

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