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In a world where our browsing data isn’t as safe as it should be, one recently launched site is using it to the betterment of its users. Lumi, a web service that launched today, uses your stored Internet browsing data to “power a personal selection” of what’s happening online and of interest to you.

All it requires to work is for you to do what you always do: “keep on browsing.” And sign up for an account, of course.

Off the bat in the registration process, you can upload your Internet Explorer data by default. Clicking the upload button in the window will pull the IE directory up initially, but you can freely navigate to the temporary files folder of your browser of choice.

Alternatively, for users using Google Chrome, you can install a simple Chrome extension in your browser that will import the data automatically for you. From there, Lumi will find pages of content that it thinks you’ll find interesting, similar to suggestion engines like Bing and the recently released live music app, Tamber.


Without entering any additional information aside from my name, email and Lumi account password, the page was quickly filled with articles, pages and videos suited to what my browsing data indicates are my interests. As far as my tests go, they’re largely accurate – considering my search history is built upon researching articles for BestTechie, reading video game news, and looking for B-grade action films like Sharknado.

Whether or not the service will find a place in the heart of web browsers remains to be seen. But it’s a very cool tool that works as advertised – and speaking of which, isn’t plagued by awful ad banners and overlays.

You can sign up for Lumi today for free via your name and email address or much quicker through your Twitter account.

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