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While it didn’t show off its next smartphone at MWC like Samsung and HTC, Korean tech company LG is readying the launch of its next flagship handset, the G4. But before LG could pull back the curtain, a new image leaked yesterday, which seems to show the G4 is the latest LG smartphone to be built with a curved body.

The image comes by way of @OnLeaks on Twitter, which says that the dimensions of the phone are 148.9 x 76.5 x 9.9 millimeters. That translates to 5.8 x 3 x .38 inches – roughly the same dimensions of the G3, though the G4’s predecessor lacked the curved body construction. The render also seems to show a little divot in the rear case, meaning users might be able to replace the battery and/or add a microSD card.

The LG G3’s back looks a whole lot like what we see in the alleged G4 render, only bent and slightly altered in Photoshop, perhaps.

However, the tweet also says that the render is “early” and “non final,” meaning that, well, the G4 may not end up being curved after all. The curved smartphone concept has always seemed kind of silly to me, though if LG is planning on releasing its next flagship with that design, the company must know something I don’t. On the other hand, there’s nothing about this image that seems to indicate it’s actually real. The device depicted seems to look a lot like the G3, but slightly altered in Photoshop. In short, there isn’t much about this “leak” that seems to indicate it’s the real deal. We have every reason to doubt it – just like we have every reason to believe it. In a word: maybe?

I think the more important question is whether or not the world is really interested in curved smartphones. While Samsung seems to have struck a chord with the curved display edges on its Galaxy S6, I can’t see quite the same buzz for the phone to be similarly bent. At the very least, LG should earn some major props for going this way, if it does indeed do so, since so many other handsets are basically carbon copies of each other in terms of design. At least a curved G4 would stand out among the crowd.

[Source: @OnLeaks via Neowin]

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