We’re talking an awful lot about the Apple Watch today. That’s to be expected. But Apple also introduced a new laptop today, and it’s as thin and gorgeous as it is restrictive.

It’s the new MacBook. It’s coming April 10. It starts at $1,299. And while it finally incorporates that Retina display we’ve all been dying for in an Apple ultra-portable, it also makes the mind-boggling decision to feature just one USB-C port. For everything.

Need to recharge your battery? The USB-C port acts as the charging port for the MacBook. Want to use an external monitor? You’ll need to use the lone USB-C port. Really, anything you need to plug in will have to go through this port. Printers. Game controllers. Etc. There aren’t even slots for SD cards anymore. You’ll have to find some kind of accessory that plugs into that USB-C port and lets you connect your storage cards that way.

dongle-macbookApple says this MacBook was meant to be wireless. You don’t need ports! Silly ports.

(Note: Apple always seems to say things like this when they need to cut something out.)

But hey, fret not — if you absolutely NEED to plug something in to your MacBook while it’s charging (like you can on every other laptop in existence), you can do so. You’ll just need to buy this $79 dongle Apple is selling, shown on the right.

Because nothing says sleek like a dongle.

[Sources: Yahoo Tech, The Verge]

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