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There are no shortage of iPhone 6 mock-ups floating around on the Internet. If you want an idea as to what Apple’s next handset will look like, it won’t take you long to see some of the different ideas freelance designers have had. But some newly leaked schematics purported to show the design of the iPhone 6 have come out of Japan—and there’s something about the design that has a ring of truth.

First published a few days ago by Japanese magazine MacFan (via MacRumors), the schematics show two different sizes of iPhone. The front and back look fairly traditional—at least in terms of the look cultivated by the entire iPhone line:


But as you can see, the profile of device itself is ridiculously thin. If these schematics are the real deal—and, really, it’s impossible to know one way or the other—it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple tacked the word “Air” onto the end of the iPhone 6 name. If nothing else, it’d certainly fall in line with its previous naming conventions.

Today, French site NoWhereElse has published renderings of what the phone’s dimensions would look like based on those schematics. Take a look:


It’s impossible to ignore the fact that they look awfully similar to some supposedly authentic images we’d gotten back in February that were claimed to depict the iPhone 6. Distinguishing characteristics were that it sported practically no bezel, and was super-thin.

Sure, the mock-ups above are based on schematics that could all be bogus. But considering how much Apple prides itself on setting fashion trends with its tech, it’s not hard to imagine an ultra-thin iPhone as the next big thing coming out of Cupertino.

What do you think of these latest designs? How long until Apple’s iPhone line just shrinks down into a fully two-dimensional slab of glass? How much thinner can these things get?

[Sources: MacRumors, NoWhereElse]

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