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Need an invoicing app for your business? As the cloud continues to become more popular for businesses, a lot of companies are moving from desktop software solutions to cloud-based services. Invoicera, a web-based invoicing system, has taken the daunting task of creating, sending, and keeping track of invoices, estimates, clients, etc and simplified it into a single web service.

Once you sign-up for Invoicera, you will be provided with a custom subdomain (e.g. mine is that is accessible from your web browser. This is where you can setup and configure everything.

Invoicera makes it easy to add clients and even supports importing client lists from an Excel file so you do not have to re-enter all of your clients data. One of the nice things I noticed while adding a client to Invoicera is that you can delegate a particular member of your staff to a client. This is nice if one of your employees is responsible for that clients work and handles most (if not all) of their projects. Another thing of note is that Invoicera can also handle currency conversions so if you work with different currencies that’s one less thing to be concerned with — which is nice.

When it comes to invoicing, it doesn’t get any easier. Invoicera allows users to add a list of their products and/or services along with their prices so you can simply plug it into the invoice and send it out to the client. Additionally, you can control your billing terms (e.g. Net-7, Net-30, etc) on a per client basis so you don’t have to worry about sending the wrong terms to a client. In addition to one-time invoices, Invoicera also provides the ability to send reoccurring invoices to clients.

Invoicera also offers custom invoice template design services starting at $99. If you do not want a custom invoice template you can use one of Invoicera’s default templates and upload your company’s logo which will be implemented into the template.

One feature that I really liked was the ability to log hours and keep time sheets for projects using Invoicera’s built-in tools. With Invoicera, you can create projects and track your time spent on entire projects as well as individual tasks using their logging feature (or what I like to call the stop watch feature). It opens a browser window where you can start and stop a stop watch that will keep track of exactly how much time you spent working on something. I like this feature because it’s a great way to show clients how much time you spent not just on the entire project but also on each individual task.

Other Invoicera features include the ability to create estimates for clients which can then later be converted into invoices (a nice touch, so you don’t have to create anything new). You can also setup any taxes, additional charges, or late fees that you may need to include in your invoice with just a few mouse clicks.

Pricing starts at $0 (yes, free!) and goes up to $99/month for their “Infinite” package. It’s definitely worth checking out for free and I’m sure you will end up upgrading at some point as your business continues to grow.

Invoicera is a great invoicing service with a ton of features and a lot of flexibility.  I would definitely recommend it.

I’d also like to thank Invoicera for giving me the opportunity to test out their awesome web service.

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