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So Instagram is finally coming to Windows Phone, go ahead you can say it: YAY!  Unfortunately for Windows Phone users there’s also some key functionality missing from the first release of Instagram.  If you planned on downloading the app to shoot and upload video, you’re out of luck.  If you planned to tag photos or view geotaxis, you’re out of luck.  And if you wanted to take a photo from within the app, arguably the most important feature, you’re out of luck.

Screenshot of Instagram for Windows Phone.

That being said, the app which will be available only for Windows Phone 8 (sorry, legacy users), does offer Live Tiles that refresh with new data on the Start screen, and also comes with support for fast-resume.

Yes, it’s kind of a bummer right now, but Instagram says they plan to roll out updates as soon as possible to increase the number of features and improve functionality.  My best guess is that they started developing this app very recently and wanted to have it available before the holidays. Seriously though, no in-app photo taking?  Come on!

I should note you can still upload photos and apply Instagram’s famous filters to them, you just need to take them photos outside of Instagram (in the phones regular camera app).

You can download the app today starting at 2PM ET.  Will you be downloading it?

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