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From birthday card app to social gifting company, that’s the move Cleverbug is making today as it rebrands its flagship greeting card app.  The update to the greeting card app now known as CleverCards, allows users to create personalized photo-based greeting cards with just a few taps on their smartphones.  All cards can be sent digitally and an option to send a printed card is also available for a small fee.  I’m told by Kealan Lennon, Founder and CEO of Cleverbug that they only work with printers who use the highest quality paper and printers, meaning your printed cards will look stunning.

A look at the CleverCards interface.
A look at the CleverCards interface.

The CleverCards app has been redesigned to fit the new look and feel of iOS 7 and includes a number of new features including:

  • Cross-platform availability: iOS, Android (new), and desktops.
  • Card designs for all major U.S. and global holidays, and special occasions.
  • Improved integration with Facebook.
  • A new feature called CleverBook that allows you to store information for all contacts who don’t have a Facebook account.

Having seen the app in action with a personal demo from Mr. Lennon himself, I can say that CleverCards is the premiere greeting cards app in the market.  The app is super easy to use and it only takes a few taps to configure a card and have it ready to be sent out.  The reason why the app is so easy to use is in large part due to the magic behind CleverCards that you never even see: the advanced personalization algorithms the app uses to determine the best possible photos to use and recommend for placement in your cards.

But as I mentioned before, CleverCards will also allow you to send gifts now in addition to your cards.  As of right now, there are two kinds of gifts that will be available.  The first is 2014 calendars that are populated by Facebook connections, these printed calendars are personalized by users’ favorite photos and include birthdays of favorite friends (and their FB photos) on their special day, so that you never forget a birthday.  The second is an option that is sure to be a smash hit: gift cards.  There is no word yet in terms of specifically what kinds of gift cards will be available.

Between CleverCards offering both cards and gifts, it couldn’t be simpler to celebrate someone’s special day or any occasion.  I should also note that if you choose to send a printed card and a gift, the gift will be sent along with the printed card so your friend or loved one will get the card and the gift you selected all together — just as it should be.

There are certainly other apps available to create greeting cards, but I’m really liking CleverCards because it is well-done, super simple to use, and can have printed cards shipped and at the recipients location within just a few days.  At the very least it’s worth checking out, especially with the holiday season coming up.  You can download the app either in the App Store, Google Play, or visit to use the service on your computer.

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