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If there is one Miami resident, philanthropist and businessman who gives financial hope and economic prosperity to entrepreneurs – it has to be Del Henri. 

First time investing may seem like a challenging task for many young entrepreneurs, but it has and always will be a popular method to grow personal capital. Banks and national governments tend to persuade new financiers to invest money in banks or long-term savings. The resilience of traditional banking systems have become less attractive and future generations are finding more wealth in property investments, startups, e-commerce and online trading.

As economic uncertainty looms over the domestic market, people are looking for faster-paced methods to help generate more substantial income. Handel “Del” Henri, owner of H&H Investments and Floridian born investor has given some insight about the barriers one can breakthrough to reach financial stability. Not only has Henri been an active participant advising businesses on finding more credible payment processors, he’s been a voice of guidance helping individuals build better personal and business credit. 

Henri has already worked for global companies, including Apple, American Express, and AT&T Corporate. His experience laid the ground to fortify a firm foundation on becoming a philanthropic business figure for many. 

What’s your advice for dealing with a bad credit score?

In a recently published media release, Henri shared how a bad credit score shouldn’t tarnish your investment opportunities and there are ways to improve it. Reviewing debts will help give you a better idea of where you should start. People should begin with something small, like paying bills on time, such as utility or mobile phone bills. 

It’s no secret maintaining a good credit score will offer better financial opportunities, enabling you to take out a loan, purchasing a house or buying valuable goods. Make it a priority to pay off any outstanding debt on credit cards or loans, even if it’s small monthly payments. Having too many unnecessary credit accounts can quickly become negative, and Henri advises people to rather steer clear from these financial pitfalls. Business and finance are where the practice can measure up with the theoretical. Henri encourages others to have a more open-minded approach towards their personal finance, and look for suitable ways to progress.    

When will I know if my business idea is right?
Young investors have been left with grim economic problems born from years’ of recessions; poor economic legislation and strong political influence. Newer generations are finding it more difficult to retain suitable investments that will expand enough monetary value. Educate yourself first, and ensure you have a plan – whether it’s investments or starting a business. Online shopping and e-commerce has become the economic child born from the modern world. New e-commerce traders should ensure the business can bridge the gap in the market, seeking professional advice won’t diminish your identity and can become worthwhile in the long run. 

Is property investment a good choice?

Perhaps not completely ignoring the complexity of property investments, we can argue in favor of better and more active property capitalization. Buying and selling properties isn’t the easiest trade in the world, but many others, just like Henri, have grown success out of property development. Property investment has always been seemingly attractive, and younger generations can learn from the long-standing practice. 

Fluctuating market prices will play a big role in how your investments will grow or diminish, but as we’ve seen with Handel Henri, it’s good to keep your options open, and acting quickly. People tend to ignore great capital investments in the beginning, as it might not present a great monetary portfolio.

What’s the success behind his company?

With lots of economic uncertainty floating in the market, people like Henri are seeing a higher demand for better quality goods and services above higher quantities. H&H Investments in Miami has given homeowners a reputable solution for their decreased valued properties. His company takes the core value of a property and pays the best possible cash offer to owners. This removes additional commissions and hidden fees owners have to pay upon the sale of their house. Many property owners have found themselves tangled in a web of financial troubles, being unable to pay off mortgages or divorce disputes. 

Henri and his team will purchase the property at cash value, offering the best possible price, closing the agreement within 24 hours. Although the company stems from years of experience and intensive investing, Henri realized the need for more reliable and convenient property transactions in the greater Miami area. 

Upcoming generations are the driving force behind future economic growth, and if there’s something we can take from Henri, it’s to retain a balanced and positive credit score. It won’t always hurt your reputation to seek professional advice, and finding attractive investment opportunities will give you a step in the right direction. 

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