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The online world is filled with millions of videos, photos, and creative digital content. Our consumption of online media has reached a peak, as we rapidly transition into the digital age. In a way, we can say that multimedia content has become the international language of the online world. A Canadian Software company has seen a need for better and more affordable digital software, the gap in the market has enabled them to offer the MiniTool Movie Maker 2.2, a video editing program that empowers users to create and edit videos in Windows OS, and it’s available for free. 

MiniTool, the company responsible for the video editing software has been an avid shareholder in the race for cheaper and better multimedia editing tools. It’s enabled them to quickly establish a marketplace where creatives and freelancers can thrive. Better software will always be popular, and MiniTool is quickly dancing to the beat of consumers. 

MiniTool & MiniTool Movie Maker 2.2

The Vancouver based Software Company which specializes in data recovery, partition management, and business software solutions, has built a reputable reputation for precision and dedication. The team has brought better and more efficient software to the front, which in return has seen around 40 million downloads worldwide. Although video editing software isn’t their main focus, they’ve quickly managed to join Microsoft Partner Network, enabling them to be part of a global community. “MiniTool is about finding business tailored solutions, whether it’s big or small, we’re trying to be more personalized and focused on what the client wants,” shares a spokesperson for the company. 

The movie and video editing software have quickly caught on with millennials and young creatives, as users are enjoying an easy to use program without having to pay hundreds of dollars. It’s become a more humanized and interactive experience, enabling users to create videos and realistic photo galleries in a matter of minutes. Our experience with these sorts of programs can only get us to a certain point, but MiniTool Movie Maker paves a way for beginners to quickly become video content veterans. 

What are some of the software’s features?

If we had to compare MiniTool with other programs, we’ll become entangled in complex user-interface and screen layouts. From the off, the tool sets out to help users become pros at editing videos, making it more enjoyable and easier. Think of it, and there’s a good chance this new editing tool can do it. From using movie transitions, adding studio-quality titles, making use of aesthetic filters, and 3D LUTs with additional trimming and snipping features.

In addition to some of the basics, the company ensures that users will be able to use their software for free, without any bundle or watermarks on finished projects. Windows users are living through a period where more reliable and compatible software is being created for their convenience. Although the software hasn’t yet reached the Apple market, we can surely expect an iOS-friendly version being launched any time soon.  

How easy is it to use?

“We set out to give any type of user the chance to create and edit their videos. We eliminated some multifaceted structures and replaced it with a cleaner and smoother user experience,” tells the spokesperson. MiniTool isn’t about hardships and software frustrations and has done most of the complex work on their end, to deliver sounded technology for users. From the novice to the high profession, Min Tool Movie Maker 2.2 is purely designed to create video projects that will make a lasting impact on viewers. 

Can it become an alternative to other video editing software programs?

Many will share hesitations of using their software over a paid program, which in many cases would be plausible. Some of the latest editing software programs come at a price of $85 to almost $300. It does include a bundle of additional specs and features, but MiniTool has given users, even those just starting out, a way to learn and educate themselves on the layered complexities of video editing. Depending on your needs, there are some features that might be missing from the tool, but overall it’s a great user-friendly and price-friendly alternative. It’s definitely a step-up from Windows Movie Maker if you’re wondering. 

The company has definitely developed software to clear out human error and create balance as we quickly move towards a new frontier of the digital era. 

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