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I’ve been meaning to get my thoughts up on the iPhone 6 Plus (and the iPad Air 2, for that matter). Yesterday was Black Friday, and of course, Cyber Monday is around the corner, so shoppers want to know if Apple’s newest devices are still best in class.

I’ll cover the iPad Air 2 soon; for now, let me riff on what Jay Yarow at Business Insider wrote earlier today about the iPhone 6 Plus. He may have been comparing the 6 Plus to its younger sibling, the 6, but I agree with a lot of what Jay said about the 6 Plus. If you’re wondering whether your loved one will be happy with Apple’s first phablet come Christmas, my suggestion is buy it. It’s one of the best smartphones out there right now, if not the best.

apple-logo-300x180I’m mentioning Jay’s post because I found that, a lot of what he experienced in his time with the phone, I experienced, too.

To start — the feeling that the Plus is a bit too big on day one. If you’re coming from a phone that is able to be operated with one hand, the 6 Plus is, at first, cumbersome. I liken it to buying a large truck after owning a Smart Car; the difference in size means you have to adjust the way you drive at first, but before long, it’ll become second nature.

Another similarity I have with Jay’s experience: the iPhone 6 Plus’s bigfooting of the iPad mini’s territory. The 5.5-inch 6 Plus came along and fulfilled my needs on the small tablet front. Like Jay, I actually did away with my mini, trading it in toward an iPad Air 2. But even that new, shiny tablet isn’t getting the use I thought it would; in fact, I’m using my 6 Plus around the house way more than I’m using my Air 2. Back when I had a 5S and the mini, that wasn’t the case at all.

Are there others like me? If so, the launch of this larger iPhone has probably been eye-opening for Apple. Maybe frightening, even.

It’s interesting — back when I had the iPad mini, I always wished I could carry it everywhere without getting funny looks (if it had been able to place phone calls, I might have, anyway). The screen size may have been a bit too large, even in a world where phablet size is bordering on ridiculous, but the mini always felt like a great compromise between portability and functionality.

The iPhone 6 Plus delivers on what I’d wanted out of the mini, albeit in a smaller, but way more reasonable/socially acceptable size. And the best part: it’s considered a smartphone. So on networks like T-Mobile and Sprint, you’re able to use what is essentially a tablet outside the confines of a data cap. Let me just say: watching Netflix on the go without worrying about overages is freaking glorious. It feels like you’re cheating the system, somehow, and I love it.

If you’re on the fence about the iPhone 6 Plus this holiday season, consider this your push. It’s worth getting. It packs some powerful specs, the battery life is top notch, and the display (which is, to me, the selling point) will completely change the way you look at the iPhone.

Do you own a 6 Plus already? Agree? Disagree? Drop us a line below.


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