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I just stumbled across this advertising campaign on YouTube by Tipp-ex.  The video ad campaign is perhaps the most clever and unique social media campaign I have seen to date.  The product being advertised is Tipp-ex’s Pocket Mouse, which is one of those whiteout pens.

What’s so special about the campaign?  It starts off showing a video titled “A hunter shoots a bear,” but the hunter has second thoughts, reaches across the page and grabs the Tipp-ex Pocket Mouse whiteout and asks that you finish the story.  From there, you can enter in any word you want to finish the story and hit a play button which will display the new video which acts out the new scene.

It has worked with every idea I’ve tried so far, including, shops with, sleeps with, break dances with, and more.  Try it for yourself!  You can also try it with 93 other verbs on this site.

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