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Last week, we got the first official look at the HTC One M8 for Windows, the latest Windows Phone handset to come from the OEM, and a phone that many believe to represent a turning point for the third-place mobile platform. Currently, the smartphone is exclusive to Verizon, and AT&T has announced that it too will soon offer the device. But a new report claims that it’ll hit even more carriers before too long.

According to a post on PhoneArena, both T-Mobile and Sprint may soon begin to offer the phone, News regarding the former comes by way of @upleaks:

Meanwhile, TKTechNews offers confirmation via an unnamed source at T-Mobile, while also adding that Sprint will be joining the Windows Phone party soon as well:

If true, this is pretty big news for the Windows Phone in general. The phone’s hardware is the same as the HTC One M8 from earlier this year, but with Windows Phone 8.1 swapped in as its operating system. The fact that it’s heading to all of the major US carriers speaks well for its potential to attract new users. The majority of Windows Phones seem to show up at carriers and don’t get much in the way of a push from sales associates, as proven by a recent investigation from Neowin.

However, this handset from HTC was already a critical darling when it was running Android – if carriers can manage to show it off to customers, Windows Phone may establish a solid toehold in the ongoing mobile war.

Are you interested in the HTC One M8 for Windows? What other formerly Android handsets would you like to see running Windows Phone 8.1?

[Sources: PhoneArena, Neowin]

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