The HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook Is Everything A Chromebook Shouldn’t Be

Ever see something for sale and wonder why anyone in the world would buy it?  Yes, well, that’s the case with the new HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook.  Weighing in at 4lbs, it’s almost twice as heavy as its competition by Samsung and Acer, but it does sport a larger 14″ display.  The HP Chromebook also sports an Intel x86 chipset clocked at 1.1Ghz, as opposed to ARM chip that is inside the Samsung Chromebook.

That being said, do you really need a fast processor inside a computer that essentially just runs a web browser?  Most likely not.  Sure, the bigger screen may be nice, but it’ll cost you.  The HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook runs for $330, which is $80 more than Samsungs and $130 more than Acer’s C7.  It also has less battery life: 4.25 hours versus the 6.5 hours you get with a Samsung Chromebook.

It just doesn’t make sense why you would want to buy the HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook over the competition, especially since the point of a Chromebook is to be designed exclusively for the web, which mostly means lightweight and long battery life.  I know Google is displaying this machine in their Chromebooks store, but I can’t help but think they’re slapping their foreheads at the same time.

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