Welcome to TechieBytes episode 59 titled How traditional companies can compete with agile startups (feat. Terry Jones)

Today I’m speaking with Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity.com and founding chairman at Kayak.com. We discuss the early days of Travelocity, why Terry got back into travel tech with Kayak, and how traditional companies can compete with newer, more agile startups.

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More info about Terry

Terry Jones was the founder of Travelocity.com and founding chairman of Kayak.com, is author of the new book Disruption OFF: The Technological Disruption Coming for Your Company and What to Do About It. For the last 15 years he’s been speaking and consulting with companies on innovation and disruption. Jones began his career as a travel agent, jumped to two startups and then spent 20 years at American Airlines, serving in a variety of management positions including Chief Information Officer. While at American he led the team that created Travelocity.com, served as CEO for six years, and took the company public. After Travelocity he served as Chairman of Kayak for seven years until it was sold to Priceline for $1.8 billion.

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