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Today is an exciting day! After months of work I’m thrilled to announce the launch of BestTechie Plus, our very own membership product! BestTechie Plus is a unique offering that provides members with access to our online courses, an ad-free on-site experience, access to exclusive deals and giveaways, regularly held Q&A sessions with me (Jeff Weisbein) and special guests, as well as an invite to a private Discord community where you can meet and speak with other members.

Who is BestTechie Plus for?

Great question! BestTechie Plus is designed for founders (particularly early stage), small business owners, recent college graduates, business development executives, and anyone who is looking to take their business or career to the next level.

An explanation of Plus Perks

Here’s a description of some of the perks you get for being a BestTechie Plus member.

Online courses

We have been wanting to launch a membership product for some time but wanted to make sure we had a solid product offering for our members when we did. In addition to all the other Plus Perks (that’s what we’re calling them) listed below, we have spent the past few months working on developing a course about becoming a highly effective business networker. Although not fully completed yet, Plus members will immediately receive early access to the completed parts of the course and will also be able to help shape the remainder of the course content. We want these courses to be as helpful to our members as possible.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in our course on becoming a highly effective business networker.

  • How to define your personal brand. 
  • How to develop your personal brand.
  • What to say and how to say it.
  • How to write cold emails (includes a cold emailing template). 
  • Multiple examples of successful cold emails with analysis (coming soon).
  • How to prepare for a networking event/conference and leave feeling like a networking champion (coming soon). 
  • How to close more deals (coming soon). 

This course is just one of the many we plan to create. All Plus members will receive access to course updates and new courses upon release.

We see this educational component as a cornerstone for BestTechie Plus. We believe this will help differentiate the value of our membership from other sites and are really excited about it. We plan to utilize our vast network of business and technology professionals to make BesTechie Plus a valuable resource to members.

Ad-free experience

You come here for the content and we want to give you more of it without the ads. All Plus members will be able to browse BestTechie completely ad-free. Woo!

Exclusive deals and giveaways

Who doesn’t like saving money?! Our Plus members will be able to save money on various apps, services, and products. All Plus members will immediately get 30% off Sophos Home Premium, 25% off a subscription, up to 70% off NordVPN, $100 in Digital Ocean credits, 15% off the Fiora Ultimate Wireless Charger, and be able to skip the waitlist for popular email client, Superhuman. And of course, we’re working on securing even more deals that will be available soon. If there’s a particular app, service, product you would like to see please feel free to reach out.

Q&A sessions with Jeff Weisbein (and special guests)

Have a tech or business question? Maybe you’re looking for advice? Plus members get priority responses.

Private Discord community

Kick back and chat with other members of the BestTechie Plus community! Exchange ideas, get help, and more.

Not really a perk but…

We’re working on building something really special and anyone who purchases a Plus membership will be assisting in making that happen. As mentioned, we have really big plans for BestTechie Plus (including more courses, deals, content, interviews, events, etc) — but obviously we can’t do it without you.

Ok, ok, so how much does it cost?

Right now you can purchase a Plus membership for $40/year or $5/month. These are introductory prices and will not last for long. So what are you waiting for? Become a Plus member today!

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