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With businesses knowing no bounds at all, when it comes to promoting their products and services, Instagram has become an important medium through which businesses are setting up their Instagram Business Profile and they are promoting their offerings to their target audience. Being a social media platform with huge engagement from masses, Instagram is catering perfectly to the business organizations. However, creating an identity for your business and having the perfect Instagram Business Profile also becomes a concern.

In this article, we have shared the best ways through which you are bound to curate the best Instagram bio for your profile. Also, as likes play an important role in marketing your offerings, you can check Famoid’s instagram likes packages here.

Adhering to a short and sweet bio

It is the era of brief write-ups, one which will surely catch the eye of the viewers. Having a crisp bio sets you apart from your competitors as you use less words and more of content to convey your message to the potential consumers. The modern day trend is less of word art and more of visual content, and that is why, a profile with a crisp bio and more of pictures of the offerings make the Instagram Business Profile best. This characteristic also makes the best instagram bio for your profile. Try to limit yourself to 150 characters while writing a bio.

Using attractive emojis in the bio

People usually think that using emojis are casual and do not make the best Instagram bio. However, research and focus groups have revealed that the bios with emojis in them catch the attention of the viewers and is very important to making the Instagram Business Profile highly attractive and catchy. Emojis tend to make the bio highly decorative and often words cannot depict what emojis can. Businesses use these casual emojis tactfully to attract potential customers to their Instagram Business Profile making it the best instagram bio for your profile. Here are some instances of use of emojis.

Using Call to Action in an efficient manner

Effective social media marketing works on proper use of Call to Action buttons only. This is the place, where you want your potential customers to go to, like your website where you are offering the products, or maybe your shopping site, from where they can buy the products. This is the foundation stone to making a great Instagram Business Profile. The Call to Action can be segmented into 3 segments:

  • Homepage:You can drive your audience to your business’ home page. Keep your website’shomepage free from cluster of products and keep a refined website, as this willhelp you to get more customers.
  • Landing Page:If you do not want the traffic to go to your website, then you can use thispage through which you can target the customers and communicate promotionaloffers to them. This can be unique for your instagram users only.
  • Social Shopping Page:As an upcoming entrepreneurship, you may not have a website. Thus, you canredirect the audience on instagram to this social shopping page to let them buyyour products.

Here’s a couple of examples:

Writing about the company

It is important to mention the important details about the company, as the Instagram Business Profile acts as the digital identity of the company. The company details are a vital piece of information, as your potential customers need to know what your company is offering and which field it does business in. If you want the best Instagram bio, you should mention the little details like the physical stores, where the consumers can go. You can tag the locations and have map links in the bio, and this will give a professional outlook to your Instagram Business Profile.

Here’s how Airbnb handles their Instagram bio.

Using hashtags in the right way

Hashtags are an innovative way by which your Instagram Business Profile engages with its audience. If you have a customized hashtag on your bio, and your audience uses that hashtag to upload new pictures or videos on Instagram, you can see the reach of your company and the audience engagement too. This will not only formulate a best instagram bio, but also let you stay connected with your audience. You should also consider using an Instagram bot to automate your account.

You can promote the reach of your hashtag in your Instagram bio by:

  • Reminding your audience that they can use this hashtag to upload content on Instagram.
  • Use this hashtag as a call to action for your different potential customers to see the products offered in your Instagram Business Profile.

Communicating the newest offers through the bio

If you want the best instagram bio, make sure you communicate your newest promotional offers through the bio. Constantly updating the instagram bio with offers and other relevant information makes it eye-catchy and also gives news to the potential customers. This will give your audience a reason to follow you for constant updates and notifications. If you want a superior Instagram Business Profile, make sure you have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) about your bio. The more unique your bio is, the more traffic it will attract to your Instagram Business Profile.

Having a user-friendly profile

If you want the best instagram business profile, the most important thing is to optimize the content of the profile based on the target audience. Your profile should not only contain the best instagram bio, it also needs to be supported by a strong content. For instance, if your company sells travel packages, make sure your profile has testimonials from travelers, followed by pictures of great traveling locations that makes the profile attractive and more and more followers will visit your instagram business profile.

I hope this article will help you to formulate the best instagram bio, which will boost your Instagram Business Profile. Name, profile and display pictures are definitely important to any profile but having a good and effective bio is also critically important for your Instagram Business Profile to shine. In addition to organic likes and growth, there are companies out there dedicated to helping you increase the amount of likes on your content. More likes equals greater reach and visibility for your Instagram business profile, so if you’re interested in that as well, you can see Famoid’s instagram auto likes packages for more information.

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